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According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause $5 billion in property damage every year. Your home is one of your biggest investments and should have a termite protection plan from Humphreys to ensure it stays protected. Humphreys, experts in the industry, have been protecting homes from termites for over 55 years. Our expertise and years of experience sets us apart from the competition. Through our use of liquid treatments and baiting systems, we have solutions for every situation. Protect your home today with a termite treatment from Humphreys Pest Control and you can rest assured you will have the best level of protection available.
Termites — Pest Control & Extermination in Glenside, PA

Do you have Termites?

Termite infestations can be difficult to detect. This is because the termite species we have in the Northeast, the eastern subterranean termite, lives underground. It's not until a homeowner either notices the termite colony's swarmers, or evidence of the termites' mud tubes or tunnels, which the termites use to travel back and forth to their feeding sites, that a problem becomes evident. Contact us if you suspect termites or would like your home checked out.
Termite swarmers are often confused with flying ants. Although similar in appearance there are some obvious differences. Flying ants have a pinched waist while termite swarmers' bodies are not segmented. In addition to their different body characteristics, termite swarmers have four wings of equal size, while the flying ant has four wings which are two different sizes. Finally, flying ants have antennae that are elbowed or bent, whereas termite antennae are straight.

Termite Behavior:

Subterranean termites are social insects that live in colonies underground. The colonies are made up of workers, soldiers, and the reproductives. While the workers are the ones most seldom seen, they are the ones that cause all the damage. They feed on dead tree stumps, roots, and any other wood type materials they can gain access to. Because the workers need moisture and a steady food supply to exist, they will create tunnels or mud tubes that allow them to travel unimpeded back and forth from the ground to feeding sites above the soil. Without the protection of these mud tubes, the worker termites would become exposed to the air and would not be able to survive outside of the soil. However, in some cases, moist environments that exist above the soil, have been known to provide enough moisture for termites to survive on without ever having to return to the soil. The termite swarmers, or reproductives, are what most homeowners will notice as they are the only ones who venture outside the colony to start new colonies. If you see termite swarmers, there's a colony close by.

Our Treatment:

Humphreys primarily offers liquid treatment solutions using the product Termidor. Termidor, a product with unmatched success, is used by professionals throughout the industry. We also install baiting systems, although not as a primary treatment solution. With the advances being made in termiticide chemistry, the industry trend, in general, has been steering more towards all liquid treatments, or sometimes, a combination of both liquid and baits. Baiting systems, when used alone, rely on the termites having to find the bait first and can leave unprotected gaps around your property. Humphreys possesses all the necessary products, tools, equipment and knowledge to keep your home protected from termites. Our decades of training and experience, in conjunction with our use of the best termitcides and baiting systems available, ensure that we are providing you with the safest, most effective termite treatment available.

The process begins first with a thorough inspection by one of our highly qualified inspectors. Their decades of training and experience make it easy for them to spot termite infestations and the damage they cause. Based on their inspection, if treatment is recommended, the inspector will then draw up a customized diagram of the structure, indicating any areas of active or inactive termite infestations. Any conducive conditions, such as excessive moisture or wood to ground contact, at the time of inspection, will also be reported.

Once scheduled, your termite treatment will then be executed by our team of trained and experienced termite technicians. Their years of classroom training, hands-on experience and technical knowledge allow them to tackle even the most challenging of situations. They will make sure your treatment is performed correctly, safely, and to the highest industry standards, using the latest and most effective materials and treatment methods, to ensure your treatment is a success.

Termidor, a termiticide with years of proven success, is our product of choice for liquid treatments. Our termite technicians will inject Termidor around your property's foundation through sub-soil injection, soil rodding and trenching creating a protection zone. Termidor's unique formulation allows it to bind to the soil, effectively keeping the termiticide where we put it, and form an invisible protection barrier that the termites can't detect. When a termite comes in contact with the Termidor, it picks it up and unknowingly transfers the Termidor to other termites it comes into contact with. The transfer process continues on to the other termites, spreading it like a virus throughout the colony until the colony is eliminated.

Every termite treatment comes with a standard one year warranty against any future termite infestations or any new damage. Should termites re-infest or cause any new damage, Humphreys will cover the cost to repair and retreat those areas. Your warranty can be extended, or renewed, after the first year, indefinitely, and can also be transferred to any new owners at no additional cost. Each renewal also entitles you to a free termite inspection every year, upon request.

If you suspect a termite infestation, call Humphreys today for a free termite inspection.