Wood Destroying Pests



Termites — Pest Control & Extermination in Glenside, PA
Subterranean termites are extremely destructive pests. Attracted to moist conditions, they will attack any wood they come in contact with. They travel back and forth from their food source to the soil in tunnels, otherwise known as mud tubes. These mud tubes keep the termites protected from the ... Read more


Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants — Pest Control & Extermination in Glenside, PA
Carpenter ants get their name because they excavate wood in order to build their nests. Their excavation results in smooth tunnels inside the wood. These are large ants ranging in size from one-quarter inch for a worker ant to up to three-quarters inch for a queen.

Color: Usually red, black or a combination  Read more


Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost Beetles — Pest Control & Extermination in Glenside, PA
Powderpost beetles lay their eggs in cracks of wood and the larvae tunnel into the surface, filling it with a very fine powder-like dust. Powderpost beetles have long, narrow, flat bodies that allow them to easily attack wood surfaces. These beetles are reddish-brown in color.

Color: Reddish brown to black  Read more


*Many thanks to the National Pest Management Association and Univar for their contributions to this pest gallery*